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This project costs time and some little infrastructure costs.
Feel free to submit some tiny donations to one of my wallets, if you like what I do.

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The numbers in the matrix are the degrees of correlation between price movements (to be more price: daily returns). They were calculated using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient. You have to read them in the following way:

  • The closer to 1, the more correlation (prices behave similar)
  • The closer to -1, the more inverse is the correlation (prices move in different directions)
  • Anything close to 0.0 ā€“ Either negative nor positive correlation (movements outweigh each other)
  • Values >= 0.4 describe a notable positive correlation, values <= -0.4 describe a notable negative correlation.

Statistics are refreshed with new data on a daily base for all available time periods.

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The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not meant as financial advice and should not be considered as this. Please consult a financial advisor to determine actions to take and retrain from taking big financial decisions on your own. We do not make any guarantee or promises that the contents provided are correct. No investments decisions should be made based on this.

All work done by jverhoelen. Therefor this pages' site notice you can find here. This page is inspired by but collects data and performs calculations on its own. All data is ingested from the great API.